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Life at Xendit – Bali Edition

Life at Xendit Bali edition

Have you ever imagined what a perfect day would be?

Maybe, having a croissant and a cup of coffee for breakfast, working with the dream-team, having a full plate of delicious nasi campur Bali for lunch, and after work, enjoying the view of sunset in Canggu Beach..

In Xendit, we can do all of those things and reach, what we called, a good work life balance:)

This is it, Life at Xendit – Bali edition!

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Why We Went to Bali?

Since the pandemic, a lot of things have changed including our life habits. We are no longer free to interact with others without obeying the health protocol, and we also spent more time in the room than outside too. This new phenomenon also affects Xendit. We implemented hybrid work for almost 3 years now, and a lot of things happened after that.  At first, as many people would say, it’s hard for us, for a company, to catch up with the situation. But it turns out that this situation also affects us in taking a new perspective in life.  Lot of us switch up this condition to learn more about how to live a life. Settling in several cities, enjoying the local wisdom and culture, and at the same time, still have the responsibility for our job desk and maintaining our health condition. For sure, surviving in a Pandemic condition is a challenge, however, achieving multiple achievements at the same time under the same conditions is also a result of hard work!

In the past three years, Xendit has transformed to becoming the first Unicorn Start Up Payment Gateway B2B in Indonesia, obtaining a Total Processing Value (TPV) of US$12 billion, growing over 150 million transactions with an increase of more than 250% year on year (yoy), having more than 3000 active merchants, and many other achievements! Yes, our company is growing rapidly with an increasing number of employees too. Our hybrid work system is not an obstacle to achieving the company’s main goals. In the midst of this development, we also have several obstacles, including the lack of direct interaction between employees. 

Therefore, when we’re allowed to travel, and also to coincide with the launch of XENSClub, our first online seller community to be held in Bali, we decided to do a mini business trip between several divisions.

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What We Do in Bali

work, as usual, in general.

Several divisions come to Bali to work together including the PR and Marketing team. We rented a villa with a beautiful view, rooms, and facilities. We work, discuss, formulate ideas, and for sure, do fun activities together for almost a week! Although we have intense communication for the past three years, but for most of us, we finally just met in person on this occasion! We have mixed feelings but mostly excited! Differences in culture (we are based in Indonesia and Singapore), language, and way of life, are not a barrier for us. We just immediately clicked with each other! It just happened, right away!

We started the day by working, discussing, and even holding several meetings. After that, we take time to order food from several restaurants for lunch. Towards dinner, we were also excited to explore more about more food in Bali!

People who love to eat are always the best people. And yeah, we LOVE food. That was like our most highlight of the trip. Starting from street food hunting in Jalan Dewi Sri area, experience the best dimsum in town (our version), to hanging out from one to another cafe and bar just to try out the food, drinks, and the ambiance. Such a release after a long day’s work!

And back to the villa, we also have more fun activities to do. We swim, sing and listen to music, play football, make some coffee (one of us is a talented barista), or even just talk until the morning. And also, our villa is only five minutes walk from the beach. It was so fun to chase the sunset, listening to the waves, and all of the things that make us relax and experience the terms of life in balance.

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We have pleasant memories while in Bali. Not only with the team, but also without our CEO, Moses Lo. From working in the villa to hosting our first event after the pandemic situation: the launching of XENSClub!

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The Launching of XENSClub

xensclub dari xendit bantu umkm indonesia

On our last day in Bali, we held our first community gathering called XENSClub. As it mentioned before, we grew rapidly in the last 3 years, and this also expanded our number of online sellers. In order to stay connected and maintain communication between Xendit and our online sellers, XENSClub was finally formed. 

Within XENSClub, our members could get some benefits including access to our newest product info, sharing sessions with experts, and our exclusive offline or online events through social media platforms including Facebook and Telegram!

Join XENSClub here

The event was attended by 25 SMEs in Bali. They all are excited about our sharing session with two of top sellers in Xendit, including Zacharia Lukkyta, the owner of RIDE.INCSTORE, and Jeffry Hindarta, the COO of the Ordinary Group. 

The discussion went so smoothly and they shared a lot of stories about how they struggled with the business during the pandemic, the marketing strategy for Ramadan, and how Xendit as their payment gateway helped them to reach their goals in making the payment more simple.

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Life at Xendit, [name your city] Edition.

Xendit always puts forward a different experience in achieving company goals. 

In the end, various obstacles such as the pandemic and the limitations of working face-to-face did not make our enthusiasm less to build a pleasant work ecosystem. And interestingly, at the same time it also won several awards and achievements! We are ready to grow together advancing the company’s goals. And after Bali, which city do you think will take place to be our next destination? 🙂

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