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Simplify payments for your marketplace and platform

Accept and send payments easily for your marketplace or platform business. Easily onboard and create accounts for your partners, transact on their behalf, monitor their transactions, and directly bill them.

Streamline your payments so you can focus on customers

Managing payment flows between multiple parties is complex, diverting time and resources away from your core business. xenPlatform gives you the tools to provide a seamless payments experience to your partners and customers so that you can focus on building what matters.

Onboard partners at scale

Create and onboard accounts at scale. Choose how much control your platform have over partner's account.

Split and route payments

Ensure that payments are made to the right partners, at the right time. Monetize your platform by charging a platform fee.

Monitor transaction activities

Enjoy centralised reporting and account management. Keep track of payments that you facilitate for your partners.


Integrate quickly

With comprehensive API documentation, setting up with Xendit is simple. We also have a dedicated account manager who can help guide you through technical integration together with personalized customer support across email, chat and calls.

Get started easily

Onboard partners and new users by creating sub-accounts via a simple API call, or invite your users to create their own sub-account via a hosted link.


Our API allows you to to customize and allocate fund split between multiple parties seamlessly, allowing for seamless complex money flows.

Routing payments

Easily route and split incoming payments to your vendors, individual bank accounts, and more. Let Xendit automate the processes and handle any financial complexities for you.

Split payment between accounts

You can flexibly accept and split incoming payments between multiple parties with a simple API call

Create unlimited transfers

Initiate refunds, take commissions, send cashbacks & bonuses. The possibility is endless as you have the flexibility to control and create as many Transfers.

Automate cash operations

Improve cash flow for your vendors, merchants and supplier. Say goodbye to payment waiting times and collections, you can automate this process with Xendit which saves more time and reduces error.

Charge platform fees

Monetize your platform at scale and take commissions automatically from your partners by setting up a Platform Fee

Unlock new business opportunities with Platform Fee. You can automatically receive a cut or commission for any transactions created on your Platform.

No manual calculation or complicated excel sheet needed to accurately receive commissions from your partners. Xendit does the fee calculations for you.

Easily track incoming fees, perform audit, and reconcile balances using our user friendly dashboard.

Enjoy centralised reporting and account management

Accounts and payments created are recorded in a single management dashboard for your finance and operations teams. Gain full transparency into your payments data and better manage finances across your business.

Understand your Partner's onboarding status in a single page, and drill down into their payments data

Download or export payments and reconciliation reports for all of your Partner accounts.

View your Partners' payment volumes, transactions, trends, and create thorough analysis.

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