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Business capital that grows with you

Connecting you with a fast and flexible financing option to help fast-growing businesses

Working capital on your terms

Xendit works with our lending partners to provide fast and flexible financing for all your business needs.

How does Xendit do Lending?

Xendit partners with lending entities to provide business capital for our payment customers. 
Funds are disbursed and repaid through Xendit’s payment channels.

Our Partners:   

All of Xendit’s lending partners are licensed and supervised by OJK Our partners are registered and under supervision of OJK

Our solutions

Working capital cash loans for both short and long-term needs

  • Monthly installment repayment
  • Loan Tenor up to 24 months
  • Monthly/ Daily Interest

Bridge liquidity needs from your receivables and improve your cash flow

  • Financing up to 80% of invoice amount
  • Daily interest
  • Loan tenor up to 9 months
  • No financial requirements needed
  • No collateral needed
  • Fixed Interest
  • Loan Tenor up to 9 months
  • Financing amount up to IDR 250 million
  • Easy repayment via Xendit dashboard auto-deduction

Empower merchants on your platform with capital to boost their growth and boost your revenue too

  • Increase business retention
  • Monthly/ daily interest
  • Get referral fee

How it works

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New to Xendit? Start by creating your Xendit account

Your Xendit Dashboard will be used for disbursement and repayment of funds

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Send and accept payments with Xendit

Start transacting with Xendit to fulfill your requirements to obtain a loan.

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Choose Financing Solution

Contact us and our sales will let you know the required documents for your selected financing solution

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Send required documents

Send us the required documents

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Fund is transferred to your Xendit dashboard

When all admin processes have been completed, you will receive your the funds in 2 working days through your Xendit Dashboard

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Easy repayment method via transferring to your Xendit dashboard

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