We are a familly of nerds
 setting a new standard for payments

Who we are

We're family

We work, live and play together. This cultural attitude permeates in every way, both good and bad. We are brutally honest but always deliver in love. For many of us, we're our only family here

Honey Badgers

This is our sprit animal. Honey badgers are famous for fighting lions and eating poisonous snakes besides being significantly smaller. They never back down from a fight and even when knocked down (e.g. bitten by venomous snake), will pass out, wake up and get back to the fight

Ownership mentality

We all think like owners of this business because we all own a piece of the pie. ESOP mixed with our company tightness means we all care deeply about our performance

Work hard

We're some of the hardest workers we know. We are operational 24/7 which means someone is always awake. We work hard to keep our customers happy and build great products


We are super active as a family. We play futsal every week (including the ladies), we do Muay Thai Tuesdays and Thursdays, we crossfit. Our meals are even designed for healthy bodies and brain growth


We have some of most complex problems to solve and we give lots of responsibility. This means our minds are stretched every day and a few months here will educate you more than years at other companies


More than a job, Xendit provides our family a purpose. By coming together we can accomplish way more than what we can do by ourselves. We're here to create a lasting impact on payments in Indonesia


Writes the codeses

I love Xendit because it’s the most fun version of work I can imagine. Meaningful work, 3 meals a day, pingpong. It doesn’t feel like work.


Fire creator

Xendit believes in a small team with big dreams. We have free food 3 times a day and Ping Pong, so… what else can I do but join?


Fire fighter

I chose Xendit to join a team of talented people who are insanely passionate about their work.


Our Princess Leia

I strolled in on my first day with a Star Wars shirt thinking I was cool, just to find two others wearing Star Wars too. I realised I'd found home.


Knows banks inside out

Xendit became my friends, family and a home like no other! I’m at Xendit 24/7 and it’s changed my life in so many ways for which I’m grateful.


Slide builder extraordinnaire

After my internship I knew I couldn’t go to any other role. Day 2 on the job, I sat with a banking CEO to see my slides presented.


Backend Engineering

Help us create and maintain complex financial in node.js with mongoDB. Our margin of error is extremely low given the money involved. Your impact will be high given our growth

Operations Manager

You are expected to excel at handling ambiguity and to execute quickly. You know what it is like to start something from scratch, grow it structurally and methodically.

Bank infrastructure engineering

The lifeblood of our systems are deep connections into the banks. These systems are convoluted (thank you dear banks!) and must be extremely reliable


With our growing list of customers we need people to keep them happy. We need folks who are reliable to perform detailed tasks and fight fires as they pop up

Frontend engineering

We love beautiful flows that make sense for our customers. We're looking for people who share our passion for UI/UX and can make it a reality

Business development

Help us build deeper relationships with the banks, the regulators and our customers. Do whatever needs to get done to grow

Sales and marketing

We need people who can get out there to meet potential customers, listen to their needs and advise how we can help. You will drive our growth