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Send money automatically via API triggered events

Build trust with your customers, employees and suppliers by always paying them on time. Scale up your business efficiently by automating your payouts with our APIs. Available all days of the week, including bank holidays. Alternatively, get started quickly with our batch disbursements tool.

Delight customers with real-time transfers, even on holidays

We know the importance of timely, error-free transfers for your business. Xendit has built direct integrations with multiple banks to offer payouts with market-leading speed and success rates. Using our APIs, unlock the ability to create the fully automated, custom payment flows that your business needs to scale.

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Indonesia Philippines
Bank Accounts
Bank Accounts

We have direct connections to multiple banks that enable us to send disbursements to 140+ banks in Indonesia. See all available bank destinations or get the full list via our Get available disbursement banks API.

Virtual Accounts

We support disbursements to VAs of major banks (BRI, BNI, Mandiri, CIMB Niaga, Permata, BTN, and NOBU Bank). The disbursement will be subject to that bank’s limits, if any.

E-wallet top-ups

We support disbursements to major e-wallets in Indonesia. You can transfer funds directly to the e-wallets of your customers.

Bank Accounts

With a single integration, access our network of bank channels that are monitored by the BSP via APIs. We currently support more than 42 banks for real-time electronic fund transfer and same banking day credit (subject to cut-off).

E-wallet top-ups

We support disbursements to major e-wallets in Philippines. You can transfer funds directly to the e-wallets of your customers.

Achieve a fully-automated, custom payout flow

Developers love our well-documented APIs, which enable you to build a fully-automated payout experience. Say goodbye to manual process and human errors. Easily track transactions in real-time via API callbacks and download reconciliation reports from our dashboard.

Instant transfers, even on holidays

Xendit has built direct integrations with multiple bank channels, achieving reliability no single bank can provide. We process transfers every day of the week, even on bank holidays. Better yet, enjoy the same instant transfers even for larger transaction amounts.

Leading success rates and speed

Our customers enjoy near 100% success rates and fastest transfer speeds in market. Our smart routing system dynamically routes each transfer to the optimal bank channel in our network. If any transfers fails, our system intelligently retries the transfer via the best alternative banks.

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