Let your shoppers checkout instantly.

Increase your conversion rates by up to 80%.

Provide instant checkout to shoppers

Xendit’s Express Checkout lets your shoppers save their payment details and checkout instantly next time. Card and e-wallet details are securely saved so checkout is completed with a simple click. Xendit supports all major card brands and eWallets in Indonesia.

Increase your conversion rates

Up to 80% of shoppers abandon their basket during checkout, usually due to long and painful processes. Xendit removes checkout pain by remembering shoppers’ details. So next time, your shoppers can make purchases in seconds. No need to remember passwords or search for payment information.

Branded checkout experience

Customise your checkout page with your logo and colours to create a seamless, branded experience for your customers.

Access millions of shoppers globally

Customers can access their saved payment methods at any merchant across Xendit’s Express Checkout network. This means millions of new customers who have never been to your store can checkout instantly.

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