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Initiate payout without bank account details

A secure, easy UI that allows your customers to click a link, enter their preferred payment details and have the disbursement executed. Securely push funds to your customers, no more collecting bank account details.

Delight your customers, effortlessly

Do away with operationally complex and manual process around refunds and payouts to your customers, collecting their bank details, verification and then disbursement. With payout links, you can now simply authorize an amount to your end customer and either provide an email address or show a UI.


You authorize a payout via API or Dashboard


We generate a secure page with your branding for customers to input their payment destination details


You give your customer the link, or we send an email


The customer inputs their payment details


We disburse from your Xendit Balance


Your customer is happy!

Disburse funds to your customers, without operational overhead

Our hosted payment page lets your users select their payment method of choice. Display on your website or share payment links via Email, WhatsApp to collect payee information.

Simple UX with no coding

Customized with your logo. Fully hosted, pop-up, or iframe.

Instant transfers, even on holidays

Xendit has built direct integrations with multiple bank channels, achieving reliability no one bank can provide. We process transfers every day of the week, even on holidays and when banks are down, ensuring that you can process refunds and payouts in a timely manner to your customers.

Eliminate manual process

Save time and reduce operational headaches and back-and-forths with customers to gather bank details.

Secure, best-in-class disbursements

With xendisburse, we verify the bank destination and account holder for your peace of mind.

Free to use, customized UI

Add your logo, brand colors to the UI at no cost, pay only for disbursements you make.


xenpayouts are completely free to use, pay only for disbursements you make. No set up fee, monthly or maintenance fees, no hidden costs. Transaction fees are per successful payment received. Just pay as you go.

Growth Businesses

Pay as you go, only per successful payment sent.

Rp 5.000


Transacting Rp 500m or more per month? Contact us for personalized support today.

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