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We Went on a (Virtual) Company Trip!

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I joined Xendit in 2019 when there were only 150+ employees. On my first week we went on a 4-day Company Trip to Belitung. We got to stay at a nice hotel by the beach, island-hop for games, and watch the infamous Xendit Talent Show. I felt so lucky that I got to experience all those along with XenFam from all over the world on my first week here.

Company trips are something that we always look forward to experiencing every year. It’s a great way to bond with people from different teams and different parts of the globe. However, due to this year’s global pandemic, we had to cancel this year’s physical trip. But, that didn’t stop us from having fun! Instead, we held a 3-day virtual company trip last week. What better way to have a great time while ensuring safety first?

Before the main event started, every employee received a special SWAG consisting of some fun things like tumbler, backpack/jacket, pop socket, and stickers. We also received a special, brand new Xendit T shirt to be worn on our company trip! Now that we have our gears ready, time to dive into the highlights of our virtual company trip!

History of Xendit

The company trip started with an introduction to Xendit and how we have grown since day 1. We had some speakers who first started working here in different points of time and shared their stories about growing with Xendit. We only had about 20 people when we started realizing our dreams in making seamless payments across SEA from a small home, to a slightly bigger home, and now to our HQ office in Victoria Building, Jakarta. It’s surreal how fast we have grown into 300+ employees!

Story Time

This was my most favorite part of the entire company trip. It was a session when some of our employees got to reveal the other side of them that we don’t normally see at work. It’s always interesting to get to know the things that shape them into who they are now. There were stories about overcoming insecurities, navigating life in the middle of COVID-19 and uncertainties, not giving up on achieving personal goals despite multiple rejections. It’s wonderful how vulnerabilities can be something that strengthens us. I always feel inspired every time I hear their stories.

Ted Talk with Eric Feng

We had the pleasure of having Eric Feng, former CTO of Hulu and Flipboard, to be the speaker of this year’s Xen-Ted Talk. Eric shared his experience in working with many startups and some valuable lessons and tips regarding what the investors look for in a company, such as revenue opportunities, determining the perfect timing to start a company, product-market fit, and the team that makes a company. We also got to learn better about how Xendit has taken those things into account, and how they can lead us to scale in the next coming years.

Culture Session

This to me serves as a reminder of the values that everyone in Xendit takes pride in and embodies everyday. We wrapped up this session with some shout-outs to some of our employees who deemed to have demonstrated these values the most. It’s really amazing to be a part of the company that really cares about building a great workplace environment and culture. Click here to learn more about our core values.

Talent Show

Story time sessions might be my favorite, but this one is an absolute not-to-miss! Talent Show is when people showcase their unique skills and talents. Some of us performed a song, aerial and modern dances, and full-blown animation with legit voiceovers. We also got to see a cute little dog that understands four different languages. These people were definitely (crazy) talented!

All in all it was a really memorable 3 days. We feel so much closer even though we’re apart! Hopefully next year we get to do this company trip face to face, with you! Find your dream job here and be a part of XenFam. Who knows, maybe post-pandemic we get to island-hop in Thailand, have a little shopping spree in Myeong-dong, or take some Kodak moments in Arashiyama?

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