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The Launch of XENSclub, Xendit’s First Online Seller Community

xendit payment gateway terbaik luncurkan xensclub

Located at The Lawn, Canggu, Bali, Xendit officially launched XENSclub, an online seller community built to publish a new ecosystem for Xendit users. The event, which was held on Sunday, March 26, 2022, was attended by the CEO of Xendit, Moses Lo, as well as local MSME players.

XENSClub is Xendit’s first community in serving online sellers through a solid community atmosphere and being able to help each other through sharing experiences with each other. All of our online sellers can join in to learn and collaborate so that they can improve their online business in this digital era. 

About XENSClub, MSME Community Sharing Forum

xendit luncurkan xensclub

XENSClub has three main principles: learning, sharing and developing. XENSClub members will get a variety of educational materials that can be accessed by members as learning media for free. Such as articles, videos, webinars, and workshops related to business.

Fellow XENSClub members can also share their business story and experience of running an online business to another member. This activity is expected to establish and develop networking through various collaborations and enrich themselves with a lot of knowledge.

Furthermore, online sellers who join XENSClub can also have access to communication with the Xendit team, and have the opportunity to be the first to get information about Xendit’s latest features, product info, and our exclusive offline or online events through social media platforms including Facebook and Telegram!logo XENSClub

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The Launching of XENSClub and Sharing Session in Bali!

cara daftar komunitas xensclub xendit

The launching of XENSClub was attended by 25 SMEs. They all are excited about our sharing session with two of top sellers in Xendit, Zacharia Lukkyta, the owner of RIDE.INCSTORE, and Jeffry Hindarta, the COO of the Ordinary Group. Both Zacharia and Jeffry shared their experiences of building a business and also how Xendit as a payment gateway company helped develop their business. They were both engaged in the fashion industry, and have faced various challenges, especially in the difficulty of making payment options.

For example, when a customer of Biasa gets a total payment error due to the discount system being turned off late in their credit card transaction. Even though the transaction is already running, thanks to the responsive response from Xendit’s customer success, any problems can be resolved in a short time.

“Starting from the application of payment systems via credit cards and other payments, there must be a quick response, especially when problems occur. Luckily at that time, Xendit gave a quick response so the problem was quickly resolved,” said Jeffry regarding his experience using Xendit as his payment gateway of choice.

Not only from the speaker’s point of view, the SMEs seller who came also had similar problems in terms of payment options. One of them is experienced by Andi Sukarto, the owner of Bali Harvest Store, a local frame business. Although most of the sales transactions are using online payment, many buyers still come to the store to make transactions.  According to him, it would be better if he also had online payment options in his shop such as a QR Code to simplify the transaction.

“I think it would be great if I have a QR code method to simplify my payment. Because it can make transactions easier. I’ll consider making one in Xendit, but later, please help me to activate it,” he said.

Increasing Business Transaction During Ramadan With Xendit

naikan omzet bisnis selama ramadan dengan xendit

One of the topics that was also discussed in the launch of the XENSClub community was about business trends in Ramadan. According to a Google report “Winning Ramadan with Digital 2022”, 21 million consumers have switched to online shopping in 2021. Interestingly, this increased number of consumers occurred mostly in non-urban areas (72%). And furthermore, almost all sellers (91%) also stated that they will continue to market their products online in the next five years. Along with this development, the trend of online payments is also increasing. A study entitled The Greatest Payments Disruption from Entrust noted that 65% of Indonesians prefer to make payments through digital wallets.

Seeing this trend, as the owner of RIDE.INCSTORE, Zacharia Lukkyta emphasizes the importance of marketing strategies in the month of Ramadan to increase sales potential.  “In Ramadan, it’s good to have the right timing and marketing strategy so that more buyers can be obtained through discounts or shipping costs. It’ll attract customers” According to him, sharing sessions like this are needed for MSME players to be able to improve their business strategies and get more customers both online and offline.

The same thing was also expressed by one of the participants in the sharing session, Ryan, who has a business in the fashion sector, The Ziel City.  To grow his business, he plans to build a special website and hopes to get more training from Xendit. “I’m interested in using Xendit, only if I could explain more about Xendit’s features so that I as a seller can understand,” he said.

ceo xendit moses peluncuran xensclub

#BuatBermakna, Ramadan Promo from Xendit

promo ramadan xendit buat bermakna

At the same time in this Ramadan, Xendit, as one of the fastest growing payment infrastructure companies in Southeast Asia, has also contributed to increasing this trend for business owners. These include organizing the first online business association event from Xendit, the launching of XENSClub, and presenting various promos for online sellers on Xendit. Through the #BuatBermakna promo, Xendit will provide various attractive prizes for 5 businesses in the SME and Social Seller categories with the highest transactions. 

This promo is valid for new online sellers who register and are verified during the period 21 March – 21 May 2022.  Furthermore, 5 businesses in the SME and Social Seller categories with the highest transactions will receive cashback of up to one million rupiah, and several total prizes such as:

  • 1 Umrah package (valid for 2 people)
  • 5 gold bars (2 grams each)
  • 3 staycation packages (3D2N in Bali)
  • 7 domestic flight tickets (Jakarta – Bali)
  • Other prizes up to a total of millions of rupiah

Click here to get #BuatBermakna promo

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