Learn more about Indonesia’s digital economy

Young digital-savvy population, diverse consumer bases, and the rising popularity of digital services, Indonesia is an emerging market with a plethora of opportunities for grabs across the retail, travel, transportation, health, and software sectors.


Indonesia’s digital economy’s annual growth rate

$130 B

Expected Indonesia’s internet economy by 2025

$25 B

Estimated e-Wallet transactions in Indonesia by 2023

A mix of powerful market drivers — from customers’ growing appetite for online spending and steady economic growth prospects — are attracting new Internet Economy players to this market of 250 million people. 

Early entrants, however, may be forced to throttle back their projections of rapid entry once they face the complexity of the local payment landscape. A cash-driven economy on the surface, Indonesia’s payment landscape is actually powered by a diverse range of financial and non-financial services providers. The high rate of unbanked consumers s offset by the surging popularity of m-banking services, offered by telcos. Low credit card ownership gets trumped by surging reliance on e-wallets from non-banking players.

Understanding the opportunities and challenges of the local market is key to staging an effective entrance.