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Celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day

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August is a festive month for Indonesian citizens, as the country celebrates its independence day on the 17th. Independence day, also called TujuhBelasan, is typically celebrated by holding flag-raising ceremonies, held by schools or government institutions. Aside from the formal celebration, the local neighborhood usually organizes a variety of activities, such as outdoor games like panjat pinang or krupuk eating race and parades, where participants wear patriotic costumes, marching around the city.

Last year’s Indonesia Great Sale or HBD Indonesia (Hari Belanja Diskon Indonesia), an event held in celebration of the independence day, was participated by 18,000 retailers from the Indonesian Shopping Centers Tenants Association. This occasion presents an opportunity for businesses to offer promotions to be involved in the festivities. Read on for some ideas your brand or company can consider:

Organize branded events

Companies or brands typically organize concerts and bazaars to celebrate Indonesia Independence Day, while offering products or services on offer, or possibly limited edition items. While offline events are yet to be permitted due to limitations on large public gatherings, you can consider taking these engagements online. Brands ranging from fashion to automotive organized concerts, virtual bazaars and more online.

Adopting social causes, such as those aimed at helping fellow citizens and veterans may also be in line with the celebration of Independence Day and the development of the nation.

Significance of offers 

Indonesia’s proclamation of independence was read on 17th August 1945, thus, the number 17, 8 and 45 has become synonymous with Independence Day. Brands typically use these numbers in offering independence day related discounts (17% off) or special offers (all items at Rp8.000). Some even offer Buy 4 get 5, to symbolize 1945. Also take note that this year is the 75th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence, which means, you may also consider using the number 75 in your independence day promos.

While offline merchants may offer flat discounts on their physical store, online merchants can hold a flash sale during the date. Consider incorporating the independence day related number to your flash sale, such as offering a special price limited to 45 items.

Independence day themed products

Businesses can tap into the festivities by launching a limited edition product that captures the independence day spirit. Indonesia’s independence day theme features the red and white stripe, representing the national flag. If you’re in the fashion sector, consider offering a limited edition item featuring the color scheme.

Independence day is also a celebration of Indonesia’s diverse culture, which is often represented by the variety of local cuisine served across the archipelago. If you’re in the F&B sector, consider serving a limited edition menu featuring local delicacies.

How you can maximise the occasion

While organizing promotions can boost sales, do ensure that your business is sufficiently prepared for the occasion and potential for increased sales. Read on to find out how Xendit can help you make the most of Indonesia’s Independence Day. 

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