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Buy utilities, electronics and life's necessities with the comfort that you never have to share your sensitive details again

Sharing rent or a trip to Bali?

Easily request money from anyone. No more awkward conversations.

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"The interface is very user friendly
compared to others."


"It's accessible any time.
I don't need to depend on cash anymore!"

Yu Ting

"It's easy to use because of it's simple layout.
It's fast and convenient."


Payments in 4 clicks

We've designed Xendit to quickly pay your friends so you can get on with your life. Simply pick your friend, tell us how much to send, add an emoji for good luck and click send. Then watch the magic ensue!

You can also request and get paid by your friends. It's as simple as sending money and your friends just have to click "Pay" to send the money flowing. No more IOUs or trips to the ATM.


You can buy pulsa, listrik, air and all the other necessities of modern life in one place. We've streamlined the process so we're cheaper and faster. Flexible payments via bank account, Arisan or credit. Now back to whatever fun you were doing before.

Send money for free

Send money across banks, and the transfer will just go through. No fees, no hidden fees, no charges. Enjoy your new freedom.

Know who paid you

Tired of having to guess who a bank transfer is from? Xendit always shows you the name of people who send you money.

Keep bank details private

When you send someone money, you just need their phone number. No more notes with friends bank details necessary.

Request money

With Xendit you can request money from anyone. No need for more awkward conveersations and we keep track of it for you.


Xendit meets industry standard security practices. You can opt into 2FA, and any PI we store is under multi-layered encryption.

Pay for life

Our shopping portal lets you conveniently pay for your weekly needs at once from one simple interface. Hassle free pulsa, air, listrik.

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