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Fraud prevention and identity verification

Fraud is an increasing problem in online payments that exposes your business to financial and reputation risk.  Our inhouse fraud detection system helps you keep this under control.  We assess every credit card transaction for fraud risk and make a recommendation on the risk level, and can even pre-emptively block a payment if it is deemed too risky.  

Fraud detection that's simple to use and effective

Our fraud detection system engages a mix of heuristics and machine learning models which are tailored to the unique characteristics of your business.  The more transactions you process with us, the better we get at assessing your payments for fraud.  You can also customise the manner and degree of fraud prevention over your own business, to optimise card acceptance rates while maintaining security. 

No setup necessary

Fraud detection is enabled for your cards payments by default once you accept your first card payments.

Optimise for acceptance

We know successful payments are important to you. That's why we work with you to create a solution that suits you best.

Minimise unnecessary losses

We are committed to keeping chargebacks below 0.9% of your transactions.

Trust us to handle your payments

We know how important payment is to businesses across all industries. That’s why at Xendit, we don’t just stop at creating technology to enable online payments. We work with you to keep your payments seamless yet secure, via optimised acceptance rates and custom fraud prevention methods that suit you best.

Customised prevention

We review your transactions and configure our fraud models for your unique business. You're empowered to take action and block risky payments through a variety of methods.

Complete protection

All your card transactions will go through fraud detection and prevention, and you can add a layer of custom rules on top according to your own business insights.

Personalised consulting

Our fraud analysts are on hand to provide advice on optimisation and identify suspicious payments.

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xenshield is completely free to use, pay only for successful payments received. No set up fee, monthly or maintenance fees, no hidden costs. Transaction fees are per successful payment received. Just pay as you go.

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