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Case Studies

Viding: Facilitating sending online gifts in virtual wedding

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2 min read

Before the pandemic, organizing a large and glamorous wedding was a trend among Indonesian couples. However, the pandemic had put the trend on a pause. Strict health protocols limit the amount of guests and mobility restrictions means that most invitees could not attend the ceremony in person.

The Viding team managed to find the opportunity amidst the situation, starting a business facilitating couples to organize a virtual wedding. Viding offered various services, ranging from web-invitation, to live streaming service. Viding alos facilitate guest in sending gifts online with online payment channels by integrating with Xendit.

We spoke with Febri Cahya Pratama, Viding’s co-founder to understand their business model and explore the advantages of our partnership.

“Viding was born in June 2020 in a small rented house when we were struggling with our previous business which was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Finally we decided to pivot and try to build something with the technology that our previous business had and eventually Viding was formed.”

Sending gifts online with Xendit payment platform

In facing the fierce competition within the sector, Viding offered a unique proposition, building a product that allows virtual attendees to send gifts via online payments. Wedding gift giving is an important part of wedding ceremony tradition, and Viding saw this as an opportunity to win the market.

Viding launched their E-Angpao feature by utilizing Xendit’s money-in feature which enables virtual attendees to send wedding gifts through online channels such as using bank transfers, credit cards, e-Wallets and more.

With the collaboration between Viding and Xendit as our payment gateway partner, guests who had difficulty sending angpao without coming to the location can now easily send their angpao with the Viding E-Angpao feature, and is now one of the features that many brides are looking for.

Achieving further growth in Indonesia, even abroad

Viding has organized 350+ weddings in the past 9 months and has built partnerships with partners across Indonesia’s biggest cities such as Greater Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Solo, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Malang. They are now aiming to expand their services to other cities, even considering reaching out to overseas markets.

“In 2021, Viding is targeting to serve 1000 weddings and become the largest wedding platform in the country. Viding plans to expand and to partner with teams in Bali, Medan, Lampung, and several other cities to bring virtual wedding experiences to more couples.”

Enjoy peace of mind with reliable payments and 24/7 customer support