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Case Studies

TREVO Indonesia: Making a strong entrance to Indonesia

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2 min read

TREVO Indonesia, a subsidiary of SOCAR Mobility Asia is a P2P car-sharing marketplace, connecting both car owners (hosts), with car renters (guests). TREVO’s community of hosts offers a diversified range of car brands, models, and engine sizes to fulfill multiple trip purposes for all types of guests.

The company’s mission is to provide an avenue for hosts to make extra income, while at the same time keeping full control over the availability of their vehicles. On the other hand, TREVO also provides guests the freedom to travel and explore different cars, with or without a driver, and make bookings up to 3 hours in advance. Additionally, TREVO believes the car-sharing model reduces carbon emissions and pollution to improve air quality throughout Indonesia and the world.

Since its launch in 2020, TREVO Indonesia has partnered with Xendit to enable various payment options on its platform. We discussed with Brandon Curson, General Manager at TREVO, to understand their growth in Indonesia as well as their experience with Xendit over the last one year.

Reaching the one-year milestone

TREVO Indonesia has been around for almost one year, yet, the team has grown significantly in such a short period of time. The TREVO community has grown to 85,000 members, 3,000 listed cars and 17,000 bookings, since inception, and is currently operating in Jabodetabek (Greater Jakarta) and Bandung.

A seamless payment experience is one of the key drivers that allowed TREVO Indonesia to achieve such significant growth early on. “Payment experience is one of the most important, yet, typically overlooked aspects of scaling up a business” said Brandon.

Building upon their early successes, TREVO plans to further expand into other areas, as well as launch a large-scale campaign with their latest Series B funding.

“We’re closing our Series B round, right now, and with that capital injection, we will be launching large scale campaigns to increase our brand awareness within the market.”

TREVO has already set its sights on further expanding into other cities in Indonesia, with the aim of growing its community members. It’s immediate target is Bali, which is targeted to launch by August 2021.

Choosing the right payment partner is key to successful expansion

Expanding into a new market can be complicated, especially in relation to payments. There is no one shoe fits all payment method, hence, TREVO chose Xendit as their payment partner from day one, helping them navigate the Indonesia payment landscape.

“With Xendit’s initial commitment, we were able to beat all the odds and launch within our 2020 timeframe.  Xendit’s business and tech teams’ support provided us with wonderful customer service, which is why we highly recommend their services to anyone looking to start or expand a business within Indonesia”

Enjoy peace of mind with reliable payments and 24/7 customer support