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Case Studies

Sari Roti teams up with Xendit to power its digital transformation

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2 min read

Sari Roti is Indonesia’s largest producer of bread products. It is the country’s only bread producing company that is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The team at Sari Roti fulfills orders and distributes bread from hundreds of different branches on a daily basis.

Amidst the pandemic, Sari Roti, in collaboration with, starts its digital transformation by enabling customers to use its chatbot feature to purchase bread at the nearest location.

With hundreds of different branches across Indonesia, Sari Roti headquarters are faced with a challenge to enable their finance team to reconcile payments that have been received with the orders that have been fulfilled across the branches.

In addition, their operations team is also tasked with helping branch managers to view and analyze order data from their respective branches.

The team at Sari Roti enquired Xendit for a payment solution. In the end, Xendit was able to tackle not only the payment part but also the operational challenges with xenPlatform.

xenPlatform enabled Sari Roti to solve their operational hassle by creating Accounts that represent the different branches. Our solution provides an out-of-the-box turnkey solution for Balesin to help Sari Roti to immediately launch without incurring further development costs.

With xenPlatform, when an order is placed and payment is received, it is recorded to an account that represents a specific branch. The order is tracked separately, and the balance of that branch is updated.

This system helps Sari Roti’s finance team to be able to download transaction reports for all of the various branches from the centralized xenPlatform dashboard. While on the other hand, each individual branch manager can also log into their respective account to understand the performance of their branch.

Sari Roti’s digitization process with Xendit helps the brand increase 20% sales compared to before using our payment solutions.

“Xendit not only simplifies the payment process from consumers to Sari Roti but also streamlines the payment process from our outlets in the area to the central team. With Xendit digitization of payments, everything is more automated and with minimum human error.”

– Panelty Carlo, GM Marketing, Sari Roti

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