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Case Studies

MASSHIRO&CO.: Delighting Shoppers with ease of payments

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2 min read

MASSHIRO&Co., established in 2015, is a fashion brand founded by four working women turned first-time mothers who are inspired to produce chic, timeless, and effortless shirts. Its aim is for these shirts to become an essential item in your wardrobe. The underlying philosophy at MASSHIRO&Co. is to create products that solve a universal problem: being stuck for too long in front of the closet each morning.

MASSHIRO&Co. has been one of Xendit’s loyal customers, enabling various payment channels in their online store. So, we spoke with Krisanti Gondokusumo, one of the founders at MASSHIRO&CO., to learn more about their business as well as to understand the advantage of its partnership with Xendit.

“Despite having full closets, unfortunately many of us constantly feel like we have nothing to wear. That’s why we created our pieces to be simple and relevant for many different occasions and for any body shape and skin colour. Our goal is for these essentials to help you declutter and migrate to a closet that’s full of things you love to wear.”

Xendit, an essential partner for MASSHIRO&Co’s growth

As MASSHIRO&Co.’s business grows, the business has received orders from customers abroad: Singapore, Malaysia, even Austria and the Netherlands. The team realized that a partnership with a payment gateway is needed to facilitate such transactions on their website at scale.

“Before our partnership with Xendit, we had to decline customers from outside Indonesia, which limits our ability to scale our business”

Xendit has since helped MASSHIRO&Co. handles international card transactions, allowing the business to capture foreign markets easily. It was not just foreign customers, Xendit also helped the business tap into domestic consumers who prefer making payments via bank transfers and e-Wallets like OVO. 

MASSHIRO&Co.’s team also find Xendit’s payment link feature to be useful when customers prefer to shop via chat. For these types of transactions, the team generates payment links from Xendit dashboard and sends them to customers via chat apps like WhatsApp or Instagram.

“With Xendit, it is easy to handle manual transactions through Customer Services. We can use Xendit’s link and the transactions can be handled easily and securely.”

MASSHIRO&CO’s expansion plan: more products, more markets

MASSHIRO&CO is planning to increase its offline presence by opening a bigger flagship store in the near future. The team is also launching new collections which will include more sustainable fabrics, unisex T-shirts, and more variety of sizes to cater to different body types.

The team at MASSHIRO&CO. is also looking to focus on its international expansion, with a focus on the Southeast Asian region as a start. “Perhaps Xendit can help us reach the Philippine market too?” said Krisanti.

Enjoy peace of mind with reliable payments and 24/7 customer support