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Help build the payment infrastructure for Indonesia and Southeast Asia

Xendit helps entrepreneurs, growth businesses and large enterprises to manage payments. We’d love for your help on our mission to make payments simpler and more pleasant.

Amidst a unique and fragmented payment landscape, we work behind the scenes to support our customers and build for their success, so they can focus on growing their business, solving real problems and creating a livelihood for their families and local communities. We have grown significantly since inception, with yet a larger addressable opportunity and challenge ahead of us. This means you can be involved in meaningful, impactful and challenging work daily.

Why choose Xendit

Ownership Mentality

Our team is highly motivated, intelligent, care deeply and take pride in what we do, with an emphasis of quality over quantity. Late night and weekends? Nothing stands in our way when it comes to striving to deliver value to our customers, especially when it comes to a sensitive matter such as payments. We work hard to keep our customers happy and build great products that have value.

We all think like owners of the business, quite literally as many of us own a piece of the pie with Xendit employee stock option plans, and are vested in the success of Xendit.

Our spirit animal. Honey badgers are famous for fighting lions and eating poisonous snakes despite being significantly smaller. They never back down from a fight and even when knocked down – instead they rally, get back up and keep on pushing through.

We are some of the hardest workers we know. We deliver value to our customers 24/7, which means the wheels are always turning and everything needs to function perfectly, always. We work hard to keep our customers happy and build great products.

We work, live and play together. This cultural attitude permeates in every way, both good and bad. We are brutally honest but always deliver in love. For many of us, we are our only family here.

Local presence, global network

Most of our magic happens in Jakarta, Indonesia where our headquarters are based – we love supporting the local economy and community. But that’s not all. We have more than 150+ Xenpeeps who can be found all over the world – building great products and bringing value to our customers. Find us across Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, San Francisco, Norfolk, Bangkok and much more!

Life at Xendit

Unique Culture

We spend the majority of our waking hours at work, and we firmly believe that great colleagues are part of the secret sauce for a great workplace. We hire carefully for culture-fit, and daresay that we would be happy to be stranded on a deserted island with our team.

Word hard, play hard(er)

We aren’t all pure work at Xendit, we are a tight knit folks who know how to have fun. Ping pong tournaments at the office, futsal matches, muay thai, fitness classes and in-house meditation sessions are just some of the many activities you can choose to join us at. We also have a yearly company trip, where we bring all our people from all our locations together.

Nourishing and delicious meals

At Xendit, we provide breakfast, lunch and dinner from Mondays through to Saturdays from our very own head chef in Jakarta. Enjoy local Indonesian delights, to Korean Bibimbaps, Pumpkin pies, Pastas and more! While at the office, join us on the #jajan slack channel for all the goodies and coffee delivered.

Flexible work arrangements

Need to stay home with your sick kid? Visit family in another country? No worries! We provide flexible work arrangements so you can work anywhere in the world. We are big on trust, with generous leave and vacation policies. We empower and support our people, so they can be the best place possible for work and life.


Health, dental and vision benefits

We want to ensure you are healthy and can perform at your best. We pride ourselves on giving exceptional welfare, while making contributions to your local health and retirement plans like BPJS, CPF or 401k. At Xendit, we aim to take care of your current and future financial needs, so you can focus on being awesome at work.

Meet some Xenpeeps

Current Openings

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Current Job Openings

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