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Manage payments for your sub-merchants, franchise or different branches. Streamline complex payment flows, accept money, seamlessly split payments to third parties including vendors and agents.

Streamline your payments so you can focus on customers

Managing payment flows between multiple parties is complex, diverting time and resources away from your core business. xenPlatform gives you the tools to provide a seamless payments experience to your partners and customers so that you can focus on building what matters.

Integrate quickly

With comprehensive API documentation, setting up with Xendit is simple. We also have a dedicated account manager who can help guide you through technical integration together with personalized customer support across email, chat and calls.

Get started easily

Onboard partners and new users by creating sub-accounts via a simple API call, or invite your users to create their own sub-account via a hosted link.


Our API allows you to to customize and allocate fund split between multiple parties seamlessly, allowing for seamless complex money flows.

Routing payments

Ensure that payments are made to the right partners with automatic routing, at the right times, with the right amounts or split incoming payments across your partners. 

Easily manage
transactions centrally

When your customers pay into a sub-account, it will directly be updated into the sub account instead of the master account, so you can get full transparency and better manage payment data and flows.

Reduces errors and manual reconciliation

Save time and effort by your finance and operations team to calculate and reconcile monies that have to be paid out to multiple parties.


Enjoy centralised reporting and
account management.

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