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Integrate with Xendit once and start accepting GCash, Maya, and GrabPay

In the Philippines, eWallet landscapes are fast changing and dynamic, as new players enter the market and new features are introduced regularly. With tight competition between different players such as GCash, Maya, and GrabPay, the payment landscape in the Philippines have become heavily fragmented.

While it is best to accept payments from all eWallet channels to maximize conversion, performing manual integration to each and every eWallet provider is costly and time consuming for many businesses.

Our solution allows merchants to accept payments via our direct API from top 3 eWallet providers in the Philippines: GCash, GrabPay, and Maya with a single API endpoint, eliminating the need to perform separate integration and maintenance.

How does the payment flow work?

When an end user chooses eWallets as the method of payment, the end user will be redirected to a checkout link either on desktop or mobile devices. Our merchants can optimize user experience by choosing the type of checkout that suits them best, be it on web or mobile. Once the payment has succeeded, the end user will be redirected back to our merchant’s application.

How to get started?

New customers would just need to sign up with Xendit dashboard, and they can start testing our APIs immediately. Once you’re ready to go live, activate your Xendit account by submitting your business documents. For existing Xendit customers, you can speak to our account manager or email customer support team ( to enable the payment method.

Learn more about the feature on our documentation or our API reference or start testing immediately.

Integrate with Xendit today!

Accepting payment methods preferred by your customers can help to increase conversion and revenue for your business. With a single Xendit integration, start accepting eWallets, Debit/Credit Cards, Direct Debit, PayLater, and Over-the-Counter payments. Get started fast with no set up or monthly fees.
Find out more about Xendit, or sign up to try our dashboard today!

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