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You’re in good company. Join other businesses using Xendit to manage their payments in a way Indonesia has never seen before

Devan Singaram

CEO, TribeHired

Xendit provided us payments with the flexibility no one else could. If they expand beyond Indonesia, we’ll use them everywhere.

Haryanto Tanjo

CEO, Moka

Xendit has been helping us across merchant payouts and invoicing. Xendit definitely saves us time!

Wellson Lo

CEO, Stockbit

Xendit were the best product and deal for fintech. It's been a breeze!


A modern payment gateway for Southeast Asia

Xendit helps you to accept payments using bank transfers, virtual accounts, credit cards and retail outlets. Using our technology, you will receive automatic notifications every time a payment is made.

Accessible via 1-link, checkout and APIs

Instant recognition

Xendit allows you to recognize, analyze, and be notified in real-time when a customer has paid. No more waiting for customers to confirm payment manually. We also guarantee payment if you are notified.

Ready to use UI

Start accepting payments with our user interface right out of the box, no programming required. Want to use your own user interface? No problem, our team will integrate and make it happen.

Real time reporting

Monitor and manage transactions with our detailed dashboard. Generate reports for reconciliation or other purposes. No more spending productive hours on administrative work!

Popular use cases

eCommerce checkout

Xendit automates payment recognition for TripVisto. With our Unique Amounts tech, customers pay without having to upload proof of payment, saving time.

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Top up game credits

Xendit helps Mainspring (a leader in Indonesia’s mobile gaming). Gamers can now top up their credits in Indonesia, seamlessly.

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Loan repayment

Xendit provides Virtual Accounts to many fintech companies, as they want the borrower to pay back with a constant payment channel.

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Our Virtual Accounts helps fintech identify subscription payments. This eliminates pain in checking payments manually and need for multiple bank accounts.

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3 integration options

Xendit has all the tools you need to accept payments from wherever your customers are. Whether you’re a fresh startup or traditional business, our tools allow you to scale without having to worry about how to get paid.

Live URLs

Accept payments by just sending a link to your customers on your favourite platforms: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, email etc. Send a live URL to your customer, get paid anywhere, anytime.

Web/mobile checkout

Integrate with the popular plugins: WooCommerce, Magento, standard PHP, etc. Start integration now! You can also make use of our UI to simply your checkout process - no coding necessary.


Complex requirements or want your own UI / UX? Connect to our APIs to meet your specific use cases. We don’t charge any additional fees for direct integration.

Simplify payments

Manage invoices

Create, edit and manage invoices so you know what’s been paid or not paid.

Instant notifications

Instant email notifications or API callbacks so both you and your customers know when an invoice has been paid.

Rapid integration

Our development team is ready to help you get up to speed. Integration is done in 3-5 days.

Payment methods

Virtual accounts

Automatically recognize and accept incoming payments with ease, using virtual accounts unique to a transaction or configured to fit your purposes

We have done the hard work with the local banks so that you need not go through a similar time-consuming and, at times, confusing process

Available at the biggest banks

World-class fraud detection and security

All payments at Xendit are protected by the same fraud detection systems used by Visa

Fraud detection systems based on global data and billions of data points matched with machine learning algorithms that are continuosly improving our accuracy

All sensitive data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and all payments are processed on PCI DSS compliant systems, protecting your business with the same security standards used by banks, governments, and in Silicon Valley

Simple, transparent pricing

Pay as you go

Bank Transfer

Rp 4.500

Credit Card

2.9% + Rp 2.000

Retail Outlets

Rp 5.000



per successful payment received

Price is all inclusive, we pay the bank fees

No monthly, setup, maintenance or hidden fees

Pay as you go with fees shown in dashboard


Doing more than 500m per month? Contact us for discounted rates at high volumes.

Volume discounts

Software for traditional business

Custom integration

Explore the docs

Guides on our products and how to get started / test

Learn how you can integrate with us and process payments today

Learn more about Xendit

Check out our Knowledge Base for a complete overview of our products

Head to our API References to see how you can integrate!



Seamless Awards 2017

Seamless Awards 2017: Best Asian B2B Payment Initiative

The Asian Banker Transaction Awards 2018

The Asian Banker Transaction Awards 2018: The Best Payments Initiative, Application or Programme (Fintech)

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