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Our Licenses

Last updated on 20 October 2021


Payment Gateway License (21/458/DKSP/Srt/B) from Bank Indonesia and Electronic System Provider (PSE) from Kominfo held by PT Sinar Digital Terdepan

PJSP License (11/5/DASP/2) from Bank Indonesia held by PT Syaftraco

OJK Digital Financial Innovation (IKD) registration held by PT Sumber Digital Teknologi and PT Inklusi Finansial Teknologi

OJK Industri Keuangan Non-Bank/Non-bank in financial industry (IKNB), 417/KMK.017/1995 (Kemenkeu) held by PT Globalindo Multifinance


Certificate of Registration as Operator of Payment System (OPS Registration No. OPSCOR-2020-0100) held by Xendit Philippines Inc

Certificate of Registration as a Remittance and Transfer Company (MSB No. 60-00835-0-00000) held by XenRemit, Inc


Major Payment Institution Licence for cross-border money transfer activity (PS20200381 ) regulated by Money Authority of Singapore, held by Xendit Remittance Singapore Pte Ltd

Hong Kong

Money Service Operators Licence (17-11-02253) regulated by Hong Kong Customs & Excise Department held by Hong Kong Mobile Payment Service Company Limited

The above entities listed are part of the Xendit group.