PayPal Alternative in Indonesia

Meet Xendit, a PayPal alternative uniquely built for Indonesia and Southeast Asia, allowing you to access a wide option of payment channels to delight your customers.

Looking for PayPal alternative in Indonesia?

We recognize that accepting payments is a sensitive and complex matter for any business and you want the best choice of payment solution to help you. Like PayPal, Xendit helps your business accept payments instantly and securely. Here are the reasons why you should choose Xendit as your payment solution:

Variety of payment options

Beyond Credit Cards, Xendit helps your businesses accept payments from virtual accounts, e-Wallets, retail outlets and Cardless Credit and more.

Seamless payment flow

Instead of directing customers to external websites to process payments, simply host payments with your own UI on your website by integrating with Xendit.

Hands-on Customer Support

Experience personalized customer service with our team available on-ground or through emails, 24/7 live chats and WhatsApp available on weekends and public holidays.

Xendit is licensed, registered and authorized by Bank Indonesia

Bank Indonesia Xendit licensed

Accept leading payment methods in the region

Indonesia has a fragmented payment market, with different preference spanning over 17,508 islands across the archipelago. Top cashless payment methods in Indonesia include e-Wallets by major players – OVO, Dana and LinkAja, together with virtual accounts or commonly known as bank transfers.

While credit cards are often the preferred choice of international travellers, credit card penetration in Indonesia is only 4%. Cardless credit, like Kredivo, is gaining popularity in Indonesia, where customers can make repayment over a period of time.

With such a large variety of payment options to choose from, integrating with a Payment Gateway like Xendit is key to helping your team and business start accepting payments fast and simply.

Paypal vs Xendit

Trusted by SMEs, Startups, and large-enterprises

Designed to get you started fast

Xendit offers multiple integration options with API, integration with a third party or simply generate a payment link from your dashboard.

Competitive pricing, pay as you go

Xendit only makes money when you do. We charge a small fee for each transaction where your customer pays you, while you can use our invoices absolutely free. Compare our pricing below.

PayPal vs Xendit Pricing

A complete platform for your business

Beside accepting payments, Xendit offers a full suite of other products to help your business grow.

Accept Payments


Accept major payment methods easily


Create, customize and manage invoices


Fraud prevention with machine learning

Send Money


Disburse unlimited funds 24/7 to banks, e-wallets and cards


Easy and instant transfers with an excel upload


Simplify refunds and payouts when you don’t have destination account


Payments infrastructure for marketplaces and platforms


Enable payments with a single import of code


Fast, flexible financing to grow your business

Satisfied Customers

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Easily enable payment methods such as e-Wallets, virtual accounts, credit / debit cards, retail outlets and even cardless credit. Get started fast with no set up or monthly fees

Making payments simple

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