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Meet Xendit, a Midtrans alternative uniquely built for businesses in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, allowing you to access a wide option of payment channels to delight your customers.

Are you looking for a payment solution?

We recognize that accepting payments is a sensitive and complex matter for any businesses. Here are the reasons why you should consider Xendit as your payment solution:


Get started with Xendit easily with your choice of Live URLs, Web/mobile checkout or API integration.


Start making live transactions with Xendit within a day. Pay as you go with competitive pricing and no hidden fees.


Experience world-class customer service with Xendit through emails, 24/7 live chats and WhatsApp.

Xendit is licensed, registered and authorized by Bank Indonesia

Bank Indonesia Xendit licensed

Accept leading payment methods in the region

Indonesia has a fragmented payment market, with different preference spanning over 17,508 islands across the archipelago. Top cashless payment methods in Indonesia include e-Wallets by major players – OVO, Dana and LinkAja, together with virtual accounts or commonly known as bank transfers.

While credit cards are often the preferred choice of international travellers, credit card penetration in Indonesia is only 4%. Cardless credit, like Kredivo, is gaining popularity in Indonesia, where customers can make repayment over a period of time.

With such a large variety of payment options to choose from, integrating with a Payment Gateway like Xendit is key to helping your team and business start accepting payments fast and simply.

Reduce payment friction for customers

Card payments sometimes require 3DS verification, that involves an additional step such as a One-Time-Password, or app login. 3DS can increase payment friction and may cause certain payments to fail. Xendit Dynamic 3DS reviews online card payments made by your customers, to see if these payments would be more likely to succeed if 3DS is skipped.

Trusted by SMEs, Startups, and large-enterprises

Designed to get you started fast

With Xendit, you can accept payments even without a website, with no technical skills required. Simply generate an invoice from your Xendit dashboard and let customers pay using a payment link. Simply share the links via WhatsApp, social media channels, an SMS or email and get paid quickly. Learn more about payment links here.

Alternatively, you can use Xendit on your online store with eCommerce platforms or plugins such as Shopify, Magento and OpenCart with no coding required.

If your business requires custom solution and you have access to developers, you can integrate with Xendit via APIs or simply browse our extensive collection of code libraries. Learn more about Xendit integration options in our documentation.

Bill your customers seamlessly

If you are offering a subscription plan for your customers or users, Xendit can also help you create recurring billing for subscribers. You can customize your customers billing cycle and send an automated reminder for upcoming payments.

Xendit allows an autocharge system for credit card payments. With the autocharge system, if a credit/debit card token is tied to a certain recurring payment plan, then every future payment for that particular recurring payment will automatically be charged right after the invoice is created.

It’s perfect for:

Send money instantly

Aside from accepting payments, Xendit also helps your business send money out to partners, suppliers or customers. Avoid human errors and complex processes with Xendit’s money out features. Disburse funds up to 10,000 transactions to 140+ banks or eWallets destinations with a single Excel file upload. Xendit can also help you send money even when you don’t have the destination account. Simply send a payout form with our UI and let customers input their details.

Streamline onboarding and route payments to multiple parties

xenplatform b2b bisnis

While both Midtrans and Xendit can help businesses accept payments, Xendit’s xenPlatform facilitates payments across multiple parties. We provide payment infrastructure that simplifies onboarding, streamlines complex payment routing and enables platform management on 1 consolidated dashboard.

xenPlatform is perfect for:

Satisfied Customers

Get started with Xendit today!

Accepting payment methods preferred by your customers can help to increase conversion and revenue for your business. With Xendit, easily enable payment methods such as e-Wallets, virtual accounts (bank transfers), credit / debit cards, retail outlets and even cardless credit. Get started fast with no set up or monthly fees.

Making payments simple

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