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Sign up for a Xendit account easily, and start making transactions in test mode within minutes! In our sandbox environment, you will be able to test out features and try our dashboard completely for free.

Step 2: Choose the right product for you

A leading payment gateway provider for Southeast Asia, Xendit enables you to accept payments easily from your customers, manage billing, send funds, manage your platform or marketplace and more. You can start accepting online payments for your business, even without a website. Select from any of the following to start getting paid.

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Step 3: Activate your account

You’re at the final step before making live transactions and accepting payments. As required by local regulations, please submit your company documents to Xendit depending on your business type. Upon confirmation and validation of these documents, our team will send you an agreement for you to sign.

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Congratulations! Start growing your business

You can now make live transactions. Accept payments, transfer funds and manage payments easily with Xendit. Upon activation, you can instantly use the following:

Accept payments

Send payments

To enable other payment methods, simply navigate to your Xendit dashboard:

  1. Select ‘Settings’ on left panel
  2. In the ‘Accept Payments’ card, click ‘Payment methods
  3. Choose your preferred payment methods, view individual tabs and simply click to activate
  • Virtual Accounts : BRI, Mandiri, Permata 
  • Virtual Account : BCA (Additional information may be required for activation)
  • eWallets : OVO, DANA, LinkAja 
  • Retail Outlet : Alfamart, Indomaret 
  • QR Code: QRIS
  • Cardless credit: Kredivo

Our team is happy to help you with activation of new payment channels. We will notify you via your registered email address, with steps to complete the activation process.



As required by Indonesian law, our team will require your company documents to be submitted as part of the application. Depending on your business type, the documents required will also vary. Please refer to above table for more details.

Please submit valid documents which are the latest version, and far from expiration date. Do kindly ensure the following:

  • alignment between AKTA/Deed of Establishment and/or Articles of Association (including amendments) with officiating letter from Ministry of Justice and Human Rights/ SK Kemenkumham
  • Director name should be consistent across all documents on both authorised signee and Akta (business deeds)
  • Enclosing more supporting document relevant to industry and business operations

Our team is here to support you as best as possible. Due to legal and compliance regulations however, your complete documents are required before registration and account activation.

Select payment channels are not available for individuals or individual merchants, including Virtual Account BCA, retail outlets like Indomaret and in some cases Cards. 

For businesses in certain industries, you will also be required to be operating as an entity and not an individual. These include insurance, cryptocurrency, public fundraising, donation platforms and financial products. 

Support and fees extended are similar regardless of you registering as an entity or individual.

In addition to your website or e-commerce site, please share business accounts of your social media, customer ratings and reviews, or other digital presence to further verify your business profile.

Our team strives to help you get started as fast as possible, and it typically takes between 1 and 7 days to go live with the completed documents. You can easily track your application status on your Xendit dashboard.

You will also be notified of the status via your registered email address with Xendit. Please note that the registered main email address, Director’s email and that of PIC stated should be a valid email address that is actively in use as documents and notifications will be sent there. Please use your registered business email address  instead of your personal email where applicable.

Should you require immediate assistance, please contact us via or through live chat on our website.

We encourage you to share as much detail about your business and user experience flow, to get a more complete understanding of your business profile. When you request for account activation, please ensure your website or e-commerce site is complete and has available information on products, services and pricing. Other areas for you to consider include customer service and contact details, partners (eg. logistic providers for e-commerce), refund and cancellation policy, together with other key information required for you to start business activity.

For sales enquiries, please reach out to and we will respond within 24 hours. If you need more urgent assistance, please contact us via live chat on our website.


With an existing Xendit account, to change your registration status, please submit the relevant documents to Upon approval, a new service agreement will be drawn up and will require signatures from both parties. Should you wish, you may continue to keep the same account.

Withdrawal of your funds can be made anytime once payment from your customer has been received and available within your dashboard balance view. You can select between manual or automatic withdrawals. Add your destination bank account as the first step before you make withdrawals. 

Automatic withdrawals are available with the option for daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly frequency. Please write to with your preferred option should you wish to have this enabled for your account.

Withdrawal of funds are completely free, there are no fees.

It may be due to incomplete documents that your registration was declined. If you would like to re-register for an account, please use a different email address from your previous registered email. Kindly ensure that your documents are complete and your business profile/e-commerce website displays your products and services to help with business verification.


Yes, QRIS enables merchants to receive payments by having end users to scan generated QR code (be is static or dynamic QR). QRIS allows payments to be made from GoPay, OVO, Dana, LinkAja, ShopeePay, BCA Mobile, and CIMB Niaga Mobile at 0.7% per transaction fee. 

To understand more about static vs dynamic QR codes, please refer to:

Xendit can charge cards from across the world, regardless of currency. The card will be charged and settled in IDR, but the cardholder’s statement will display the transaction amount in their local currency with exchange rates based on the forex rate and the usual fees applied from their issuing bank.