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Case Studies

StudioKado: Sharing love, care and joy with gift boxes

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2 min read

Studiokado is an online platform that aims to simplify gifting needs both for individuals and corporations. It aims to be the platform of choice for the community that makes gifting fun and effortless. Studiokado provides a selection of products to choose from and covers the whole process from choosing the color of the box, choosing the greeting cards, to sending it directly to the recipient.

The business was inspired by one of its co-founder’s experiences of making a PR package for a former company. The confusing and impractical communication process, as well as the uniformity of the existing options inspired the team to start a gifting brand with a different and premium concept.

Introducing processes in place to minimize errors

As with any business, gifting businesses surely have their daily challenges. It lies in the nature of gifting businesses that manual work is involved, which can present itself as a challenge to overcome. With hundreds of incoming orders, there is of course room for error such as stock issues, hiccups in terms of order operations, fulfillment timelines and safe delivery.

“We face many challenges while running this business, such as ensuring the quality of the goods we choose, ensuring that customers are satisfied with the service that they received and ensuring our team is always up to date on trends for hampers or giftings. This may sound too simplistic, but we believe that it is the foundation for our business and we must ensure that it is strong enough.”

One of the internal team members at StudioKado recommended Xendit as their payment solution to enable all major payment channels and offer customers a smooth checkout experience.

“When it comes to offering payment and checkout options, we believe more is more. Although probably the majority of our customers use bank transfer, digital payments or credit card for the checkout, we chose to activate all possible channels just to give the users the maximum options. We do not want to lose any potential transactions for a lack of available payment channels.”

Embracing local products, expanding to overseas markets

Currently StudioKado development has been very good. With the current situation, online business has its own advantages, which can also have a very good impact on the continuity of the business.

“We are a business that not only sells gift boxes but also a business that conveys love, care and joy. In times like these we are very happy to be able to convey a lot of love, care and joy through beautiful and very meaningful gift boxes.”

StudioKado aims to be the top of mind gifting platform in Indonesia. However, this does not rule out the possibility of meeting the demands from the international market.

“We want to collaborate more with UMKMs to be able to work with us, especially those with unique products that we can include in our gift boxes.”

Enjoy peace of mind with reliable payments and 24/7 customer support