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Case Studies

ngundangteman: digitizing wedding invitations

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2 min read

Ngundangteman was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. During the period, all activities are restricted, including wedding preparation. Ngundangteman founders, Nova Panjaitan and Rony Tampubolon found the opportunities to create a business offering digital wedding invitations.

Ngundangteman offered the ease of creating through microsite invitation with a selection of attractive themes and designs, making it easy for couples to share them via WhatsApp to virtual guests.

Ngundangteman team chose Xendit as their payment partners on their business. So, we spoke with their founders, Nova Panjaitan, to understand more about the advantages of our partnership.

“It was recommended by our friends who had used Xendit before. They said Xendit is the most credible payment gateway with the most complete documentation. It turns out to be true!”

Xendit, ngundangteman payment partners

To increase the ease of transactions on their platforms, ngundangteman choses Xendit as their payment gateway. Xendit helps them to enable various payment options like virtual accounts and e-Wallets.

There are various considerations in choosing a payment gateway. For ngundangteman, it is the ease of integration. They chose Xendit over other payment gateway due to its completeness of documentation.

5000 invitation in 1 month

Ngundangteman had just been founded in less than two months. However, ngundangteman team had successfully created a huge impact in a very short among of time.

“In 1 month since our launch, we had successfully helped our customer send their digital microsite to 5000 friends and families”

In the near future, ngundangteman aims to expand their product offerings. They also aim to dominate 5% of Indonesian wedding invitation markets by the end of this year.

Enjoy peace of mind with reliable payments and 24/7 customer support