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Case Studies

Hacktiv8: Preparing Indonesia’s Digital Talents

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2 min read

Hacktiv8 provides training courses consisting of Full Time Program and Professional Development to prepare digital talent in Indonesia. They had been with Xendit throughout our journey, both in being our loyal customers as well as providing us with a pool of awesome engineers for us to hire. We sat down with Ronald Ishak, co-founder of Hacktiv8 to better understand how our partnership helps their business grows.

Ron’s motivation in starting Hacktiv8 actually began when he was working in his previous role. At that time, he struggled to recruit talents, especially engineers, for the company. Hacktiv8 was then established to provide high-quality training to prepare the next generation of Indonesia’s digital talents.

Commitment to increase access to education

Hacktiv8 is committed to provide access to everyone. One of the initiatives that Hacktiv8 runs to bridge this gap is to offer an income sharing agreement (ISA). What this means is that students will not have to pay until they get a job. Once they succeed and get a job, Hacktiv8 will take a percentage of their salaries for a fixed period of time.

Ron believes that this is the best solution for everyone. On one hand, companies get high quality talents, students get opportunities to start their careers, and on the other hand, Hacktiv8 also wins as their financial goals are aligned with student’s success.

In addition, Hacktiv8 has also been involved in the government-initiated Kartu Prakerja, a pre-employment package given to job seekers to improve their work competency. Kartu Prakerja holders can redeem their voucher at Hacktiv8 for multiple sets of courses provided by Hacktiv8 world-class tutors.

Xendit, Hacktiv8’s long-time payment partner

Hacktiv8 is one of Xendit’s early customers and has been a loyal customer ever since. Ron mentioned that he knew Xendit from our co-founders. He already knew both Moses and Tessa, Xendit’s CEO and COO, even before they started the company.

One of the biggest pain points that Hacktiv8 is looking to solve with Xendit is payments identification. Unlike other online businesses where the payment is being made by the buyer’s own account, edutech is different.

“In the education sector, different people pay for our user’s fees. For some, their father pays, for others their aunties pay. It is difficult to verify them. With Xendit’s virtual, we can now automatically identify which payments are made for whom.”

While there are multiple payment gateway options available in the market, Ron based his decision to integrate with Xendit due to its ease of integration. He found that our documentation is neat and easy to understand compared to other options.

“Thanks to Xendit’s neat documentation, we integrated our platform to Xendit in less than 40 minutes.”

Enjoy peace of mind with reliable payments and 24/7 customer support