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Case Studies

BookMyShow: Enhancing Customer Experience with Flawless Online Payment

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2 min read

BookMyShow is one of the largest entertainment platforms in Asia with a presence in the countries of India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, UAE, Singapore and Malaysia. BookMyShow integrates with Xendit to enable locally preferred payment methods in Indonesia as well as cards, as international payment options.

We spoke to Martina Solya, Marketing Manager at BookMyShow to understand the advantages of the company’s partnership with Xendit in offering a pleasant checkout experience to their customers.

BookMyShow services consist of sales of cinema, event and sports tickets. In addition, there is also a white label service, where ticket sales can be made on the organizer’s website with a system that BookMyShow fully provides.

“Across markets, BookMyShow today sells more than 20 million tickets per month, has more than 100 million downloads, attracts more than 50 million visitors per month with more than 2 billion page views.”

Serving better customer experience while achieving operational efficiencies

BookMyShow continuously strengthens its capabilities to bring newer avenues of experiences, all executed at par with global standards. This includes payments experience which are essential in delivering a pleasant experience for their customers.

To provide better payments experience, BookMyShow integrated with Xendit to enable various payment methods including cards, virtual accounts and e-Wallets for their customers in Indonesia.

Aside from providing a pleasant customer experience, Xendit’s user friendly interface also help BookMyShow’s team smoothen their operation processes.

“Our team can easily use the dashboard: checking payment status, creating a direct payment link and even processing refunds is very easy and can be done with one click only. We’re also very happy with the level of support that Xendit’s customer success team provides”

Thriving amidst extraordinary times

While the pandemic situation had introduced a period of uncertainty for businesses and communities, BookMyShow is optimistic and is continuing to assist customers to get access to entertainment.

According to Martina, BookMyShow business is doing very well and are currently selling tickets for big events in Indonesia and Singapore.

“To achieve our target, we need to work together with partners, including Xendit. By improving performance, service and enriching the network, we believe Xendit will do a lot to help smoothen our operations”

Enjoy peace of mind with reliable payments and 24/7 customer support