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Introducing our multi-channel solution, Xendit Inventory Sync tool

We understand the complexity of managing inventory in multiple sales channels. Manually updating stock items in different interfaces can be time consuming and error prone. Aligned with our aim to help our partners grow their business, we are proud to launch Xendit Inventory Sync tool.

Xendit Inventory Sync tool helps you consolidate your inventory – all in one place

No more cross-managing stock inventory individually for each store channel

You can now manage it all in one place. We developed a way for you to map your SKUs into one SKU that makes it easy for you to observe your low stock items and change your item status from a single dashboard!

Centralized functionality

No need to update your stock one by one in each sales channel, now you can do it once in Xendit Inventory Sync Tools dashboard, and it will be updated automatically on every sales channel you connected.

Easy to use multi-channel support

Our tools connect some of the most popular eCommerce plugins and marketplaces, namely: Shopify, WooCommerce, Tokopedia and Shopee, with just a single click. No technical skills or coding required!

How to get started

Getting started is really easy!

  1. Visit and login
  2. Click add store channel to add the channel of your choice
  3. Click manual sync to see all of your inventory in one place

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