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Xendit launch Xendit Business app, enabling online sellers to sell easier on social media

We understand the shift in preference from desktop to mobile across different user segments, ranging from small individual businesses to startups in managing their business. Aligned with our mission to make payments simple, we are launching our Xendit Business Apps to help business owners manage business transactions on their fingertips.

Merchants no longer have to turn on their desktop devices and login to a web browser to bill customers or manage transactions. With our mobile apps, merchants can access their account simply by entering pin numbers or passwords on their mobile devices.

The app also helps users bill their customers easily. With a few clicks, business owners can generate payment links which can now be shared to customers directly via a WhatsApp account that is logged on the same mobile device.

In addition, Xendit users will no longer have to log in to check whether payments have been made. Our mobile apps users will receive real-time notifications as customers settle their payments and can process orders right away.

Last but not least, we also optimized the apps for compatibility, so we made it available for both Android and  iOS users.

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Understanding the opportunities and challenges of the local market is key to staging an effective entrance.

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