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Preparing for Your First Interview

This is the first stage of the entire recruitment process that you have to go through before signing that offer letter. If you’ve made it to this stage, it means that we think your profile is interesting and we would like to know you better. We usually call this stage cultural or culture-fit interview. Which serves as a way for us to gauge how well you’ll fit with the hiring manager you’ll report to, your future coworkers, basically everyone that’s a part of Xendit!

Culture fit interview
Photo by Ryan Mendoza on Unsplash

What’s assessed during the initial screening 

If you’re applying for tech roles i.e. Product Manager, QA Engineer, or Software Engineer, you’ll speak with Sandy, our Technology Recruiter. But if you’re applying for business roles like Customer Success, Sales, Financial Operations, then you’ll have a chat with me.

The interview session will take about 20-30 minutes and it is always done via Google Meet. The Google Meet link/calendar invite to the interview will be sent to you via email. If you’ll be using a laptop/desktop computer, you can simply access Google Meet by clicking on the link provided in said calendar invite. However, if you’ll be using a mobile phone, please have the application installed on your phone. 

Xendit is a multinational company and thus we communicate with each other using English. Thus, the interview process will be conducted in English as well. As mentioned before this interview will focus on getting to know how well you fit with our corporate culture, thus we would love to hear about and pay extra attention to how you tell about yourself and your career journey. We will also ask you the million-dollar question; one fun fact about you! We would like to learn more about your hobbies, interests, or other amazing skills too. It’s a tradition in Xendit to ask every new joiner about one fun fact about them. It’s always exciting (and surprising) to learn more about each other’s unique talents.

We will also assess how much your experience is relevant to the role you applied for. Typically, we would ask how your day-to-day is like, your biggest contribution to your current/previous company, and challenges you encounter when it comes to doing your job. Your answers to these questions will help us form an initial forecast on how well you’re gonna do your job here when you finally get hired.

We too want to know why you want to change jobs. Different people are motivated by different things when it comes to applying for jobs. It can be money, growth opportunities, and culture, which happens to be the most popular reason why candidates are interested in applying for a job here and we take pride in.

What’s next?

Once the interview’s done, recruiters will discuss the results with the hiring managers and then get back to you with the updates via email in about 1-2 weeks’ time before we advance you to the next stage. See here for more information about our generic recruitment process.

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