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Make reconciliation process easier with Generate Report and Transaction View API

We understand that transaction reconciliation is a complex and painful internal process that all businesses, including our merchants have to go through. Xendit always aims to make payments simple. That’s why in addition to our new views, Transaction and Balance, we have recently released two sets of API to help automate the reconciliation process: Generate Report API and Transaction View API.

Generate Report API

Generate Report API allows you to trigger new Dashboard report creation all via a simple API which allows you to automate report generation every day or even every hour. There are multiple ways to automate report integration, including using tools like Integromat.

Transaction View API

We understand that internal operations processes for each business can be very different. We want to allow you to customize your internal payment process with the Transaction View API. The API will allow you to view lists of transactions. You can either use our API to build your own customized internal Dashboard or automate transactions checking in your internal ERP system.

In a nutshell:

Available tabs and report typesCash
Balance History
Download reports methodDashboardDashboard
Generate Report API
View transactions methodDashboardDashboard
Transaction view API
Available transactions information in viewStatus
Date Created
Transaction ID
Transaction Type
Date Created

Learn more about the product on our documentation or visit the API reference to start integrating:

Interested in getting these new features?

We have just released the new features in BETA to selected customers. Please check your email to see if you’re already selected. Otherwise, if you’re interested in trying the feature before the release, you can contact us to become a beta tester and become an important part of our development. Your participation and feedback will help us keep improving.

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Join thousands of other businesses in making payments simple with Xendit. As you can see in this post, we keep on improving to deliver the best experience for our customers and help them grow. Find out more about Xendit, or sign up now to try our dashboard!

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