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Joining Xendit Amidst a Pandemic

Ever since the pandemic began, businesses — big and small — have been impacted by it, including Xendit. However, we consider ourselves fortunate for having been able to take measures that ensure our business keeps on running during this turbulent time. 

Given that the health and safety of our team and their families are the utmost important things to us, we closed our offices in March and asked everyone to work from home. Ever since, all of our meetings have been done virtually; town halls, team meetings, client meetings, and even candidate interviews.

The Xendit team has been incredibly lucky to have been not only in a solid business position to survive (and even thrive through) a pandemic, but also to be uniquely positioned to switch to a 100% remote work environment at the drop of a hat! With a globally distributed workforce across more than 6 countries the tools needed to go remote were already embedded in our daily lives. 

The biggest changes for us have been switching to “online fun” to keep our friendships strong, so we’ve replaced our usual jam sessions, karaoke, games nights, house parties and ping pong tournaments with Virtual Team Dinners, online game parties, Netflix parties, and work from home competitions & challenges (naturally with awesome rewards!). We know pandemic life has been tough on a lot of people, but at Xendit, it’s easy to still see the sun shining through despite the challenges.

You may have noticed that we are still hiring despite the pandemic! Our candidates still go through the entire recruitment process before they’re officially hired but now every step is conducted online to ensure the safety of everyone involved. 

recruitment during pandemic

Once the candidates are officially hired, they will undergo a virtual onboarding process, so that they can hit the ground running from the comfort of their own home! Here’s a quick overview of what the process entails:

  1. Completing your onboarding packet in our internal HR information system. This is normally done 7+ days in advance of your official join date in Xendit. We want to make sure that we have all the necessary personal information from you, including passport information, emergency contact details, and your bank account details so we can pay you! 😉
  2. At last, your first day of work is here! Pre-covid, we liked to kick off the day a little early by socializing over breakfast at the Jakarta Office, however with the current remote work arrangements, all you need to do is be on the call by 9am Jakarta time. Once we’re back to the office, don’t miss out on the delicious breakfasts prepared by our XenKitchen chefs! Shared meals are a great opportunity for you to meet your coworkers and have a chat. In the meantime, you might want to prepare your own breakfast at home 😛
  3. Culture induction. This is one of the most valuable training sessions that you’ll receive in Xendit, so we want you to have it on your first day. In this induction,  you will be introduced to the company’s growth history from its establishment, our history, and get a deeper understanding about our culture and values. We want you to be on the same page with us!
  4. Admin induction. In this induction you will learn about all the administrative processes in Xendit to make your life easier. We will introduce you to all the platforms that we use and how to utilize them most effectively.
  5. Product knowledge training. There are many products and features in Xendit and we don’t want you to get lost while trying to figure things out! That’s why we provide you with Product Knowledge Training 101 and 102. In these training sessions, you will learn about our features and products from a business and engineering perspective. You will attend these training sessions within your first 3 weeks.  
  6. Postman training. Not everyone starts out tech-savvy, but we strongly believe that everyone can be! In this session we all learn about API keys and how to write a simple postman package. You will receive this training within your first month.  
  7. Virtual Customer success shadowing. In Xendit, we love listening to our customers, and expect this customer-focussed attitude from everyone in our team. There’s no better way to understand our customer pain points and goals than to talk with them directly. That’s why in the first month that you join Xendit, you will shadow a customer success team member for a few shifts. Obviously, we are doing this virtually, so buckle in!

You will undergo steps 5 and 6 as you progress through your first few weeks in Xendit while navigating your new role. Don’t worry though, we are always here to help you adjust to your new role. We have check-ins to monitor your work progress and remove blockers, 1-on-1 sessions where you can share with us about all sorts of stories, many engagement programmes to help people feel connected, counselling sessions with psychologists and an open town hall where we can ask our founders anything.

Still reading? Awesome! That means you’re keen on learning even more about our onboarding process! Get to know Amanda, our Remittance Lead who underwent the onboarding experience in the midst of the pandemic by reading her story below!

It’s been exactly 2 months since I’ve joined Xendit, and I still have never met my team in person. Physically, it’s just been me, my Mac and a monitor. Building camaraderie in a time of complete remote working? It seemed too much to hope for within the confines of my home!

So I started out nervously Slacking my way around 200+ people and trying to build rapport with pulsing bubble avatars on Google Hangouts.

But onboarding at Xendit has exceeded my expectations.

There were the seemingly small things, like being asked to introduce ourselves at company meets, and 1-on-1s with my manager. They signalled that Xendit is interested in who we are, not just in the hustle and numbers. Xenpeeps made a big impression on me when, during Town Hall, they publicly worried about new employees possibly struggling to fit in through virtual onboarding. It really speaks to the kind that I now work amongst – big-hearted “golden” folks in a climate where it is too easy to be caught up in our own troubles!

I loved how everyone set aside time for virtual meals/drinks. We laughed at each other’s unintelligible drawings on, explained our Covid routines and showed off our newly acquired cooking skills. Turning on our videos made a ton of difference (it’s nice to see people smile. In real time).

It’s not just the meals and games. I was hired to do a job, after all, and essential to my onboarding experience was having people patiently teach the basics and answer my questions, even those not in my team. Everyone I encountered always offered solutions or connected me with the right people when they couldn’t, treating me as part of the team from the get-go.

Maybe nothing beats being together in person, but I think I’ve definitely experienced the best for a time like this. Heartfelt thanks, Xenpeeps, for making this new hire feel welcome!

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