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Create QRIS payment codes via Xendit dashboard!

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QRIS is gaining traction as one of the most popular for both offline and online payment methods in Indonesia as it accepts money from a broad range of mobile banking wallets and eWallets. According to Bank Indonesia, 6,3 million merchants have adopted QRIS payments as of January 2021.

Despite the growing adoption for QRIS as a payment method, flexible use of QRIS is still not accessible to SME merchants without dedicated technical teams to handle QRIS integration – integrating to APIs and rendering the QR code into image.

Aligned with our mission in making payments simple, Xendit now enables all its customers to create QRIS codes over the Xendit dashboard with just a few clicks. Our customers can simply download the QR code in image file format or in a ready to use standee design format.

We also offer our customers the options to create a QR code with fixed payment amount or open amount to suit their use cases.

Fixed amount
With a defined payment amount, end users just have to scan and authorize the transaction. 

Open amount
End users have to scan, input payment amount and authorize the transaction.

In this simple QR code creation flow, customers can tag and create unlimited amounts of QRIS codes that suit their business needs. Payments made to the QRIS code will then show up in our dashboard pending or transactions tab for tracking and reconciliation.

Use cases

Businesses with multiple branches or franchises can create, print and display the QRIS Codes in different store locations and track which payments are made in each location.

Businesses running physical events such as a bazaar or concerts can create QRIS codes quickly and display them in different areas.

How to get started?

Are you an existing Xendit customer? Simply activate QRIS payments on our setting page and you’re good to go!

Not a Xendit customer yet? Join thousands of other businesses in making payments simple with Xendit. Get started now!

Learn more about payments in Indonesia

Understanding the opportunities and challenges of the local market is key to staging an effective entrance.

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