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Xendit offers a full BCA product suite to help your business grow

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With more than 25 million customers across the country, BCA is one of the biggest banks in Indonesia. BCA also has the most digital savvy user base, having reported that 75% of its users have adopted its digital banking services, which enable its users to make bank transfers from their mobile devices and make online transactions easier with features like BCA OneKlik. In addition, there are 4.1 million BCA cards in circulation with 2 million BCA-label cards.

With approximately 18.8 million digital users, enabling BCA channels as payment options for your business can help to propel your business forward.

Unlock BCA payment options with Xendit

We are excited to share that you can now enable all BCA payment channels with Xendit! Xendit is the first payment gateway offering the full BCA product suite as a close partnership with BCA. Here are some of the BCA payment channels that you may want to consider enabling with Xendit.

Let your customers pay online with their BCA cards, using installments or their reward points!

Payments via credit card installments are preferred for high value transactions.

According to our internal data, credit cards are most commonly used for a transaction of Rp500,000 or higher.

By enabling BCA Cards with Xendit, your business will be able to process BCA private label cards and BCA installments.

When accepting installments, as the merchant, you will receive the full amount (after fee deduction) as if it were a normal charge. BCA will handle the installment payment over time. In addition, accepting BCA card payments allows your customers to spend their reward points from BCA, which can help encourage repeat purchases.

Using this payment method, other than standard Visa, MasterCard and JCB cards, you will also be able to process AMEX cards, which allows you to tap into broader market segments internationally.

Enjoy faster settlement time with BCA Virtual Account

We understand your need to manage cash flow and get your funds settled as soon as possible.

By activating BCA Virtual Account with switcher model with Xendit you can get access to your fund with a fast settlement time.

The settlement process will be directly to your bank account without going through the Xendit dashboard for each successful payment.

Increase retention with BCA OneKlik

Activating BCA OneKlik is ideal for merchants that would like to encourage repeat purchases.

BCA OneKlik allows users to do a one time registration of their account number to a merchant’s site and enable a one click checkout. One time password (OTP) will only be required once, during the initial registration and can be skipped in subsequent transactions.

The payment method is ideal for low value transactions as it limits the value of transactions to Rp 1 million.

Get started now!

Interested in enabling BCA payment channels on your business? Our friendly sales team is happy to help. Contact us to activate the BCA products you’d like!

Learn more about payments in Indonesia

Understanding the opportunities and challenges of the local market is key to staging an effective entrance.

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