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Accept ShopeePay payments seamlessly with Xendit

Making ShopeePay payments with Xendit

In recent years, eWallets usage around the world is growing exponentially. Indonesia is no exception. eWallets are steadily becoming a part of the everyday conveniences offered in Indonesia, for both offline and online merchants. eWallets provide customers of all ages and demographics the ability to make payments for products and services. Major eWallets providers in Indonesia includes Gopay, Ovo, DANA, LinkAja and ShopeePay.

Businesses are increasingly turning to accepting payments via e-Wallets, so they can maximize payment acceptance rates and grow. However, they often find it difficult to integrate with each new eWallet and their individual differences. This problem is fueled further with the rapid changes and developments in Indonesia’s eWallets landscape, making it costly to maintain and upgrade.

With a rapidly growing and relatively newer eWallet like ShopeePay, merchants have to join the queue to integrate directly with ShopeePay. While waiting, merchants might miss out on attractive promotions to drive user adoption.

Xendit is excited to launch ShopeePay as our latest e-Wallet payment channel

As part of Xendit’s mission to make payments simple, we enable our customers to accept a range of payment methods from cards, e-Wallets, virtual accounts and more. With a single integration with Xendit, you can now activate a number of e-Wallets within a few days without the hassle of direct integration with multiple payment providers!

Our eWallets product in Xendit solves this for our merchant by providing one fast and simple integration that connects to all open eWallets in Indonesia (OVO, DANA, LinkAja and now ShopeePay!).

We are excited to now include ShopeePay, one of the fastest growing e-wallets in Indonesia. Launched in 2018, it has now captured 26% of Indonesia’s e-wallet market according to a survey conducted by Markplus. With an average spend per transaction of Rp149,000, it is a great payment method to enable for low to medium basket sized transactions.

The payment landscape and e-wallet providers are fast changing and dynamic, with new features introduced regularly. Choosing Xendit as your payment gateway allows your business to accept a wide range of payment methods easily. Simply do a one-time set up and enjoy reliable support for upcoming developments and payment features.

How does it work?

ShopeePay payment works just like many eWallets on the market. When an end user chooses ShopeePay as the method of payment, the end user will be redirected to a deeplink checkout on ShopeePay app. Our merchants can optimize their checkout user experience by choosing the type of checkout that suits them best. Once the payment has succeeded, the end user will be redirected back to our merchant’s application.

Merchant displays Shopeepay as an available payment channel
Merchant controlled payment instructions for end user
Deeplink redirection to Shopee App
End user enters Shopeepay PIN to authorize payment
Payment is succesful
End user is redirected to merchant url on successful payment

Use Cases

e-Commerce – Increase payment acceptance rates with ShopeePay and participate in attractive cashback promotions!

Gaming or entertainment – Receive payments seamlessly through our API integration methods without redirecting end customers out of the app/ mobile app. Suitable for in-game purchases and live-stream donations.

Financial services payments – Secure and reliable transactions through our protected payment environments

Charity donations – Simple and hassle free user experience for better payment acceptance rates

How to get started with ShopeePay

New customers would just need to sign up with Xendit and start testing our endpoints immediately in test mode. Activate ShopeePay from your dashboard and the product will be live in about a month.

For existing Xendit merchants, click the activate ShopeePay banner on our dashboard homepage to get started!

Get started now!

Accepting payment methods preferred by your customers can help to increase conversion and revenue for your business. With Xendit, in addition to ShopeePay, easily enable payment methods such as e-Wallets, virtual accounts (bank transfers), credit / debit cards, retail outlets and even cardless credit. Get started fast with no set up or monthly fees.

Interested to enable ShopeePay for your business today? Sign up with Xendit or speak to our sales team now!

Accept ShopeePay payments now!

Learn more about payments in Indonesia

Understanding the opportunities and challenges of the local market is key to staging an effective entrance.

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