Grow with no transaction fees for 2 months

Xendit believes in empowering Filipino businesses beyond just payments. Get various supports from Xendit and our partners by joining the Level up program.

Apply before Oct 31, 2021

2 months Free

Give different customers the option to pay with their preferred methods to make sure they find and checkout your products and services.

Marketing Support

Get included in marketing opportunities with Xendit to help increase your market reach, attract customers and build customer networks.

Exclusive Webinar & Content

Learn & connect with business experts to help you build capabilities and stand out.

Xendit aims to create a one-stop digital payment platform for all businesses to start and scale quickly

Xendit has helped thousands of businesses in Southeast Asia, to simplify their payments by providing a secure and easy-to-integrate payment system, supported by great customer service since 2015. 


  • Payment Links
  • Fraud Detection
  • Instant Transfers
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • and more!

“Using Xendit made it easy for us to go to market at lightning speed – quick turnaround and easy implementation helped us to launch our subscription model in a little under 2 months!”

Bianca Therese Arco
General Manager, Papaya Tree Farms

Who our Partners Are

How to register


Create a Xendit account

When you sign up for the Level Up Program, you automatically create your Xendit account and choose which channels to use: Over the Counter, Credit Card, E-Wallet, Direct Debit, Pay Later.


Complete application proccess

Complete our application process
Please make sure that you submit all the minimum requirements for easy processing.


Start accepting online payments!

Terms and Conditions

  1. Program is open only to Philippines businesses that are either (1) not yet activated Xendit merchants or (2) existing activated Xendit merchants but were invited to the program by our team.
  2. For new merchants: Participants must sign-up before Oct 31, 2021 and must pass the application process which may require:
    – Must have working website or social media page
    – Valid ID’s to use OTC, e-wallet and Direct Debit
    – Valid ID’s & DTI Certificate to use Credit Card
  3. For existing merchants: Participants must be invited to the program by our Customer Success representatives.
  4. Participants will be entitled to a 2-month fee waiver across all payment channels they choose to integrate at time of activation.
  5. The 2-month fee waiver will begin on day of activation for new merchants or on date stated in contract for existing merchants.
  6. Participants must be in contract with Xendit for at least 1 year.

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