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Invoice financing, working capital loans and overdraft

Xendit works with partners to provide you access to flexible financing when you need it, that traditional banks won’t give you.

Working capital on your terms

Businesses using Xendit are some of the fastest growing businesses. Traditional lenders don’t know how to serve you, requiring long applications and personal guarantees. Replacing that ancient model is xencapital with fast, flexible financing that allows you to invest in your growth.

How it works

Check your eligibility

Talk to your sales representative to see how you and Xendit can work together.

Choose your loan model

We’re happy to customize a loans solution that works for your unique needs. Invoice financing, cash loans, vendor financing - tell us what you need we’ll aim to make it happen.

Funds get transferred to your account

Receive funds as quickly as 1 working day after all admin affairs are in order.

Pay back as you earn money

Choose a repayment model that works for you and optimizes your cash flow.

Get funds quickly

We rely primarily on your payments history on Xendit to determine your eligibility. No lengthy or complex process, with funds arriving as fast as tomorrow.

Simple, transparent rates

We quote you APR (Annual Percentage Rate) instead of fixed rates which traditional lenders do to cost you more. We don't require personal guarantees, we don't hide fees or add complex terms.

Pay when you get paid

Repayment is automated from your account as you get paid. This means you can focus on growing your business, and don't need to worry about late fees or administering your loan.

Free up capital to boost your growth

Get funding to strengthen your supplier or customer relationships and further support growth of transactions on your platform.

Tailored to your needs

You’re a startup with few hard assets as collateral, or an SME that wants to finance capital expenditure, or an enterprise that wants to factor receivables. We understand that your needs may vary and assess your creditworthiness more holistically than traditional lenders. We offer friendlier rates and terms, transparent interest rates, zero admin fees, and no hidden costs.

Expansion capital for you and your vendors

Whether it is a new location for business expansion, renovation needs or business purchases - we can help you (and your vendors) with capital to grow and support your business.

Shorten working capital cycles with invoice financing

Many businesses struggle with long-payment cycles from their payors, which limits their capacity to fullfill orders. We can help alleviate the cash flow gap so you can keep transacting.

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