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Online business loan without collateral

Get credit line of up to IDR 100.000.000 with just a few simple documents

  • Affordable
  • Grows with your needs
  • No collateral, minimal documentation
  • Easier loan approvals
  • Affordable
  • Grows with your needs
  • No collateral, minimal documentation
  • Auto-repayment

A credit line that grows with your needs

Are you a fast-growing SME in Indonesia? Don’t let cash flow gaps stand in the way of your growth opportunities!
Tap into Merchant DigiFund—a simple and affordable online business loan—no collateral needed.

Simple documentation & requirements

  1. NPWP of entity
  2. Business Permit / NIB
  3. Deed of establishment and latest changes
  4. Individual KTP of shareholders
  5. Company (business entity) or personal bank statements (individuals)
  6. Past 3 months’ record transaction data pulled directly from a marketplace platform / digital POS system

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How Merchant DigiFund can help your business grow

At Xendit, we understand that cash flow is critical to getting a business up and running. But it is precisely at the start of growth where cash flow is most inaccessible to a business.

Our Merchant DigiFund seeks to provide you with a line of credit with minimal requirements, and at affordable rates. As we build our relationship with you and invest in your growth, the credit line amount increases alongside your revenue.

What can you do with a healthier cash flow?

Seize exciting projects
and opportunities
Boost revenue with strong
marketing campaigns
Bulk-buy inventory at
better prices
Hire talents with
the right skills
Rent a conducive
office space
Bridge invoice

… and many more…

Ready to grow your business?

Apply for the Merchant DigiFund credit line now

The Merchant DigiFund is a partnership between Xendit and BPR Xen, our lending partner that is supervised by the OJK.

Starting credit limitIDR 5,000,000 – 100,000,000
Subject to credit assessment
Monthly interest rate18 – 24%
Subject to credit assessment
Drawdown tenor12 months
Repayment schemeMonthly installments
Auto deduction % per drawdown10 – 40%
Subject to credit assessment
Facility ExpirationNever
Provision FeeNone
Credit Line Increase FeeNone
Late penaltyInterest will continue to accrue on a daily basis

Repayment is easy with auto-deduction

There is no need for you to take any action to make a payment if your revenue is sufficient to fulfill your monthly installment amount.
Your payment will be automatically deducted from your transactions coming into Xendit.

How does auto-deduction work?

Let’s take an example where your loan is approved with the following terms:

Credit limitIDR 50,000,000
Subject to credit assessment
Interest per annum20%
Subject to credit assessment
Drawdown tenor12 months
Repayment schemeEqual monthly instalments
Auto-deduction rate

Subject to credit assessment

How does loan repayment work?

Drawdown IDR 50,000,000
16 June 2022

15 Jul 2022
IDR 5,000,000 due
15 Aug 2022
IDR 5,000,000 due
15 Sept 2022
IDR 5,000,000 due
15 May 2023
IDR 5,000,000 due

Monthly instalment amount=
IDR 50,000,000*(100%APR) / 12 = IDR 5,000,000

Each month (e.g. from 16 June to 15 July) 25% of each transactoin coming in goes to loan repayment up to the instalment amount due, i.e. IDR 5,000,000. The remaining amount you earn each month is available for withdrawal.

If 25% of your monthly revenue does not reach IDR 5,000,000, you will be required to top up the outstanding amount to your dashboard. A late fee will be charged for missed payment.

I’m interested! What’s the application process?

Apply for Merchant Digifund loan

Register with Xendit and start receiving payments

14-30 Days

Receive email on loan approval result

Use the funds to grow your business

To start your application, just fill up our lending partner’s application form here


Any legal revenue-generating business domiciled in Indonesia using digital transactions

In order to be approved for a Merchant DigiFund, we require submission of various documents related to identity verification, proof of revenue, and regulatory compliance. You will also be required to do a quick onboarding to our payment gateway.

You will be assigned an interest rate for your Merchant DigiFund loan. This interest rate is:

  • Applicable to all drawdowns
  • Expressed as an annual percentage rate (APR), i.e. the fixed amount of annual interest charged for drawdowns made.
  • To be paid monthly, which means you will only be expected to pay 1/12 of the total interest each month.

We do not charge any admin, provision, transaction, or restructuring fees. The only fee we charge is a one-time fixed late fee if you miss a payment due date.

All Merchant DigiFund drawdowns are paid by auto-deduction. This means that we deduct a flat rate (e.g. 20%) of your transaction amounts coming into Xendit, up until your monthly installment has been fully repaid. If your monthly revenue does not fulfill the monthly installment amount, you will be required to top up your account 3 days prior to the due date.
Interest will continue to accrue on the outstanding amount if you miss an installment’s due date.

We will automatically increase your limit at certain intervals of time if you have demonstrated sufficient usage of the loan and have been making on-time payments.

The Merchant DigiFund is a financing facility supported by PT Bank Perkreditan Rakyat Xen, our lending partner that is supervised and registered under OJK. It is 100% safe to obtain financing under the Merchant DigiFund scheme.

Access the funds you need
to skyrocket your business now

Transparent pricing, only

pay as you go.