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Accept local and international payment methods

Enable your business to accept payments with Xendit via Bank transfers, credit and debit cards, retail outlets, installment plans and e-Wallets through a single integration with Xendit.

Compatible with leading payment methods

Scale your business across the Indonesia and Southeast Asia with our extensive network of partners and more than 140+ local banks. Receive real-time notifications when a payment has been made. Easily reconcile transactions and process refunds through the Xendit dashboard

Virtual Accounts
Virtual Accounts (Bank Transfers)

Automatically recognize and accept payments with ease across different banks with a single VA, without maintaining multiple separate bank accounts.


We support local and international payments for credit / debit cards on Visa, MasterCard, JCB and AMEX. Merchants who process card payments enjoy up to 30% increased acceptance rates by using Xendit, while keeping chargeback rates low using our in-house fraud detection system.

Retail Outlets / Over-the-counter

Your customers can easily pay with cash over the counter at 12,000+ convenience stores, including Alfamart, Alfamidi, Alfaexpress and Dan+Dan.


Our integrations with OVO, DANA, LinkAja and ShopeePay, leading e-Wallets in Indonesia, allow your customers to pay for invoices using these online currencies.

QR Codes with QRIS

Accept payments easily through QR codes in physical or online stores.

Our integration with QRIS now allows your customers to pay seamlessly from top eWallets (OVO, Gopay, DANA, LinkAja, ShopeePay) and top mobile banking applications (BCA, CIMB).

Direct Debit

Accept payments easily by pulling funds directly from your customer’s bank account. Your customers can also save their bank account details to pay future transactions conveniently.


Allow your customers to buy now and pay later in 30 days or in installments. Customers with an active digital credit line with one of our partner lenders can pay via flexible installment loans.

Simple integration

Get started with Xendit easily with your choice of Live URLs, Web/mobile checkout or API integration. Try it out with our sandbox environment, where you can start testing with a simple login.

Real time notifications

Recognize, analyze and receive payments in real time automatically.

Reporting and analytics

Use our web-based dashboard to access and download detailed financial reports, even a line by line reconciliation of all transactions for transparency.

3 integration options

Live URLs

Accept payments by simply sending a link to your customers on your favourite platforms: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, email etc. Send a live URL to your customer and get paid anywhere, anytime.

Web / Mobile checkout

Integrate with popular plugins including: Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, standard PHP and many more! You can also make use of our UI to simply your checkout process - no coding necessary.


We provide simple APIs, informative documentation, supports various top programming languages via Libraries/SDKs (Python, Node.js, Java, PHP, Go), and 24/7 live support to make your integration enjoyable.

Full BCA Product Suite now available

Xendit is the first payment gateway offering BCA Cards, BCA KlikPay, BCA VA and more.

Early settlement


Xendit now offers an option for early fund settlement. Skip the 2-7 days of settlement time – get access to your funds as soon as your customer pays you! This allows you to pay your vendors without delay, reduce daily cash crunch and manage working capital more efficiently! Learn more and contact sales now to see how we can help you.

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No set up fee, monthly or maintenance fees, no hidden costs. Transaction fees are per successful payment received. Just pay as you go.

Growth Businesses

Virtual Accounts (Bank Transfer)
Rp 4.500

Credit Card
2.9% + Rp 2.000


QR Codes

Retail Outlets
RP 5.000


Transacting Rp 500m or more per month? Contact us for personalized support today.

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